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Dear BJS Committee,

I/We wish to become member of the BJS and my/our details are as below. By filling this form and paying fees, I confirm that I have read, understood and agreed to abide by current rules and regulations of BJS, its constitution and any changes that may take place time to time. I understand and agree that mobile and email provide for over 18 years age will be included in BJS broadcast messages.

    Family Details in Australia:

    Please remit your money into the BJS bank A/c with membership no. as a reference after having the registration form approved.
    Registration & Membership fees are non-refundable.

    A/C Name: Brisbane Jain Sangh
    BSB: 064117
    A/C No: 10365684


    Information provided in this form, will be kept confidential and strictly used for the BJS business only. Any personal or unauthorized circulation or use of this information is prohibited as per Australian confidentiality rules. Every care will be taken by committee for privacy of the information provided here, BUT any illegal/Cyber breach of data or information misused by an individual or group of people, BJS or its committee assumes no responsibility. Applicant indemnifies BJS and its committee, from any claims unconditionally that may arise due to mishap. Membership renewal during July every year. Family membership includes Husband, Wife, and Dependent Children & Parents. Individual membership fee for Siblings, Students & Singles. Once your membership is registered and approved you will be notified by BJS Committee.

    How to make donations ?

    Brisbane Jain Sangh (BJS) is a non-profit organization. All Sangh activities are funded by donations from individuals and/or institutions.