Snatra Request

Snatra Pooja is a ritual where our Tirthankar Bhagwan Mahaveer is given bath which symbolises Indra Maharaja doing Abhishek on Tirthankar on Mount Meru after the birth of Tirthankar. It is performed when one moves into a house, starts a new enterprise, on birthday etc. It is also performed before many other rituals.

BJS is pleased to inform you that with the help of our committed volunteers we are able to offer Snatra Pooja at your home. Most families do Snatra Pooja when they move into their new home and many families do this Pooja every year. BJS will provide most of the required gears (samagri) for this Snatra Pooja and will provide list of things that needs to be organised by host.

Please contact us, if you would like to organise Snatra Pooja

How to make donations ?

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