Alert Dost Registration

Brisbane Jain Sangh is introducing Alert DOST Network across Brisbane city in Australia for immigrant Jain students and families to receive guidance and necessary support to establish themselves in the new country. BJS is a network of volunteers settled in the Brisbane and willing to assist based on their capacity and availability.

Terms & Conditions

1. BJS is only responsible for providing students guidance with their settlement in the new country and connecting students with local host families and other students. We run career development and students sessions for students emotional and professional development.

2. BJS or our host families are not responsible for providing accommodation or airport pickup. Students are requested to make their own arrangements. We can only give guidance about finding the right accommodation, but cannot guarantee availability or quality.

3. All BJS host families are providing a volunteer service to Jin Shasan. Please be respectful of their privacy and limitations in asking for support.

3. Parents are requested NOT to join BJS's WhatsApp group. BJS is only for those traveling to the country. Students are expected to engage with our host families and in the groups directly.

4. BJS only provides guidance and prepares students for job search and interviews. We do not offer jobs/internships or guarantee that a student will find a job.

    How to make donations ?

    Brisbane Jain Sangh (BJS) is a non-profit organization. All Sangh activities are funded by donations from individuals and/or institutions.